shamani-krisna-soft-2Shamani Nair – Indian Classical Dancer

Shamani Nair is an accomplished Indian classical dancer, having learnt this sacred art form in her teens.

Her dancing provides a means for expression of deep universal, devotional sentiments and to channel them towards the timeless, mystical, cosmic Essence.



Indian Classical Dance (Bharat Natyam)

Bharata Natyam is considered a sacred art form. It is a classical dance style that originated from the state of Tamil Nadu, South India . The Indians believe that the inner experience of the soul finds its highest expression in music and dance. The word ‘Bharata’ is an abbreviation of the three sanskrit words:-

Bhavam – meaning emotions/feelings; Ragam – meaning melody; Talam – meaning rhythm

The word ‘Natyam’ means dance. Hence ‘Bharata Natyam’ is a dance form that incorporates rhythmic footwork and expresses emotions performed to particular melodies.

Another salient feature of this art form is the use of hand gestures or Mudras. Mudras or hand gestures are used to convey the meaning of the dance that the dancer is trying to express. Together with emotive facial and limb expressions, the dancer takes the audience on an aesthetic journey and the goal of which is to experience transcendence.

Shamani will give a performance as well as run workshops on Indian Classical Dance.