nyoumanNyoman Suma

Nyoman’s Gamelan workshop is a fun and fascinating activity for any level of musical experience, whether you want to be a star on the gamelan metallophone, play fast rhythms on the cosmic turtle cymbals, or simply bang a Gong occasionally, Gamelan Orchestras are designed to accommodate everyone in the village, including you!

The Balinese Kecak Dance

The Balinese kecak dance is a movement, rhythm and vocal event that involves audience participation, telling the ancient story of the Ramayana, where an exiled king enlists the help of an Army of Monkeys to recapture his kidnapped Queen. An extraordinary happening, complemented by the ancient Mask dance depicting an elderley Minister’s antics while in the court of the King.

Learn the ringing tones and Gongs used in Balinese temple music from a genuine Balinese cultural expert…