lulu and misch snipLulu & Mischka – Yoga, Chanting, Singing and Resonance

The past four years have seen them tour throughout Europe, Asia and Australia, holding Chant Concerts and performing at Festivals, Retreats and Health Resorts. Mischka’s humble guidance creates a upliftingly supported space reminding us of our inner light. Lulu’s enchanting voice purifies listeners as well as inspires and invites them to playfully explore their own true sound. Lulu will introduce classical western ways to open up your voice and resonance, connecting your whole body, before Mischka will share with you the more meditative, classical indian way of singing, connected to the chakras and energetic body.

Through the use of yoga, chants, singing and resonance, they remind us of our inner being.

Come and play

No previous singing or yoga experience required.