francisgylfedderFrancis is a multi-talented artist performing in a variety of genres, from ambient shakuhachi compositions to didjeridu combinations with other unusual instruments from Japan, Laos, India, Indonesia, Thailand, North America and the Phillipines.

He has performed at the Indonesian Music and Mask Dance at the Chinatown Multicultural Festival in Fortitude Valley. He presented at the Australian National Gallery with “Life is a work of Art” directed by Liz Lea, and in 2013 he toured Schools in NSW and QLD with “Colours of the World” multicultural programs in Schools.





Performance – Music of the Heavenly Spheres

The world of manifestation from the unmanifest, is not arbitrary or based on chance. There is a divine order which is commonly explored in understanding how the planets and heavenly bodies relate to us as creative beings. This is “The Play of the Leela”.

The music of the spheres is made up of those vibrations that manage and preserve the Harmony of orbits and seasons. This music occurs in Native American, Chinese, Japanese, and many other cultures. Francis has been respectfully studying these styles and cultures.

The performance of Music of the Heavenly Spheres consists of a short discussion of this topic by FG, followed by a musical rendition beneficial for relaxation, absorption and meditation using musical instruments from many cultures….

Francis takes us through a celestial journey in his performance. Enthralling!!!!