Alexander Robey

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist – Presenter at  the Ananda Mela Health & Wellbeing Festival

Opening Address – Wisdom Circle

What is it that is important for you? What are you willing to invest time, energy and resources to exist in your life? What is it that you are willing to go without so that aspects of your life are a priority? Perhaps family, health, community and spiritualty come to mind. So too as a pebble dropped into a pond that ripples out, the values the are shared or rejected ripple out through individuals, families, workplaces, communities and countries to either develop unity, peace and connectedness; or isolation, conflict and disconnect. Living purposefully and consciously ripples out into world and so to with the constant media cycle, technology and global trends can ripple back to influence an individual’s attitude and values in not such a positive way. Alexander’s address will consider what is important for you and what that means at a global level.

Emotional Intelligence

The longest study in the world on life satisfaction found the most powerful factor to life success was emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is your ability to recognise one’s own and others emotion, to communicate effectively these with discernment and to be able to self-regulate the array of emotional states. This workshop is designed to shape the 7 key areas of emotional intelligence into relationships, work and your everyday life utilising Alexander’s unique understanding of this topic and the strategies that he will share. Whether it be more confidence, an ability to manage conflict or more of an awareness and understanding of other people, there are many gems in this workshop.

Quietening a Busy Mind

One of the essential keys to health and wellbeing in a modern life is quietening a busy mind for stillness, clarity and a healthy disposition. So too is a sense of feeling less busy, gaining control of one’s thoughts and reducing expectations. Gaining a peaceful night’s sleep without constant “to do lists” popping up and gaining guilt free time out for oneself is just as important as harnessing positive thinking over doubt, negative thinking and concern. This is a powerful workshop offering recognised mindfulness techniques and positive psychology strategies to gain insight into that thinking of yours, to gain peace of mind.

Men’s Circle

When men gather in a confidential and emotionally safe place, free from competitiveness, criticism and advice giving, a unique healthy transformation takes place. Men open up about what is important in their life, share what their heart yearns for and the challenges that can so often be hidden to the outside world. Alexander has found from many years running men’s circles that it is not that men don’t want to open up emotionally, it is so often the daily schedule, societal roles and attitudes that prevent men from heartfelt communication and a strength in vulnerability.

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